Tips for a Better Landscape Construction During Spring Time

During the winter seasons, your landscape is asleep. However, during the spring time, you should get your landscape ready and begin to think better ideas on how to improve your landscape. The following are some of the simple tips to help you achieve a better landscape construction in the spring months: 

  1. Identify Summer and Spring Pests

The good news is your flowers and plants are ready to sprout. The bad news is that the pests which feed on them are also back from their winter breaks, too. Think about what you will need in order to keep them out of the picture, whether that means wire mesh or fencing to keep away raccoons or deer, or planting things which ward off or attract beneficial insects and birds. 

  1. Know What to Plant as Well as When and Where to Plant it

Prior to starting planting new things, you should make sure that they are right for the location and the time of year. As anyone in the landscape construction industry can tell you that the last thing you need to do is populate your yard with plants which do better in your place. In addition to that, you should also think about things such as how much shade and how much sun your plants will get in various portions of the yard.  

Lastly, you should consult with a professional and reputable landscaping or garden contractor like the landscape contractors Denton about the right plants that do better during the spring season. A lot of plants will grow for years if you just follow the recommended planting schedule. So, make sure that you’re knowledgeable well about the plants that you choose before you decide to incorporate them to your landscape. 

  1. Clean Up Your Landscaping Equipment

Unless you used your downtime to take good care of things, spring is the right time to have your landscaping equipment ready for use. Throw away all items you do not need. Wash out your pots and wipe down containers. Furthermore, sharpen the blades of your mower if you haven’t yet. Keeping the mower blades sharp will actually help you cut the grass and not tear through it that makes for a better-looking and healthier lawn. You will also need to set the mower height to a much higher setting. 

  1. Think About the Future

You need to plan for the growth and development of your plants. Also, think about how much they’ll grow in 6 months or even 6 years. You do not want to plant your shrub which seems short and will only destroy the sidewalk of your property or block your view in the next few years. 

  1. Protecting and Feeding Your Grass

The first few weeks of spring are the perfect time to feed the grass with some fertilizers – to feed your grass – and pre-emergent that keeps away crabgrass. It is better to get rid of the crabgrasses and stop them in their tracks than to spend all summer and spring battling them. Wait about 2 months, then apply those products again together with a broadleaf weed killer. 

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