What to Expect in a Home Inspection? 


You may have heard that a home inspection is necessary for you to be sure with your house investment and that there are a lot of benefits that these services could provide to you including finding out some potential damages that are hidden in sight, or potential illegal installations you could save yourself from.  


Luckily, there are legitimate and trusted home inspections in Victoria that you can rely on providing you with honest reports about your prospective house.  




So, these are the things that you will be having during a home inspection (An overview): 

  • A home inspection commonly takes up to two hours, although t depends on the size of the house and the number and severity of damages the house has.  
  • The professional inspector will look at the house’s interior plumbing, foundation, roof, HVAC system, basement, and other structural components, and will then provide you a written report of the results.  
  • It is recommended that you attend the inspection and that you are physically present when it is going on to allow interactive communication between you and the inspector. This also allows you to ask questions, advice, and recommendations from the inspector. Aside from this, this will let the inspector discuss important things that may be overlook on the written report.  



Some homeowners tend to be so concerned and anxious when they see the results and find out there are several potential damages to the house. It is recommended that you pay attention to the severity of the damage or issue and not on the quantity of the defects and damage. Also, it is important to communicate these to your estate agent and inspector for appropriate action.  


If you are the purchaser, you also need to take note that there is no such thing as a perfect house and that a house with no potential issue is very rare to happen. Of course, a house inspection is essential to provide you some list of potential problems but most of them are just predictive and need not be given immediate actions. 


It is also important to know the components that your professional home inspector will need to inspect. You are assured that your inspector will not tear your house apart to inspect some wiring and piping. However, if they could have access to those, the better. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors’ (ASHI), these are thing things they will need to review: 

  • Roof 
  • Walls 
  • Floors 
  • Heating system 
  • Interior plumbing and electrical systems 
  • Ceilings 
  • Foundation 
  • Basement 
  • Attic 
  • Insulation 
  • The central air conditioning system 
  • Windows and doors 
  • And other structural components 


Final thoughts 

Having a house inspection especially when you are purchasing a house and already have found a prospective house. It will save you from creating a bad and passive decision and taking care of your investment.  


Again, there is no perfect house, and you need to remember that a house with very minimal damage and issues is a very rare case. When you are surprised by the results, take note to pay attention not to the quantity of the issues but to the severity.  

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